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The Power of a Pattern

Who doesn't love a patterned tile? This is one of my favourite ways to add interest and personality to a renovation or new build. Nothing is more exciting than seeing the look on your guest's faces when they walk into your powder room and see a bold pattern on the floor or wall.

To date, one of our favourite Renovations was this Stone Blue Tile from Villa Lagoon Tile; its bright colour and random pattern added a bold statement to this simple kitchen update.

But not all patterns need to be bright and bold; they can be just as impactful when subtle. I love incorporating Terrazzo in my projects. This material initially consisted of chips of marble and concrete and was polished to have a smooth surface, but many tile companies offer a porcelain version of this spectacular surface. I love this Terrazzo done by Centura; its organic look and subdued pattern add that natural feel to a space, giving off those Mediterranean vibes.

One of our more unorthodox uses of a pattern is incorporating it in concrete. Our client requested a unique backsplash for his bar area, and we came up with this idea after seeing the concept in one of our favourite showrooms @Kladsurfaces in Kelowna. It was exactly what we needed to tie all of our concrete elements together in this West Kelowna new build. The final product was even better than we expected.

There are many creative ways to add patterns to your space, but my favourite remains the bathroom floor. Especially in the main bath of a home, it is just that pleasant little surprise that will indeed wow your guests. A bold statement piece is the perfect way to put your mark on a space.

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